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Letter to the Cerezo family from their mother

Lunes 14 de enero de 2008, por Comité Cerezo México

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One more year has gone by. 2007 has come to an end and our battered people carries on tenacious resistance, refusing to sucuumb to the exploitation, plunder, and repression inflicted upon it.

2007 has been a year in which the imposed reality has been so crude that it’s been impossible to disguise it with statements or demagogic speeches––one more year in which the hopes harbored by thousands of Mexican people for prosperity and an improvement in their economic situation have been dashed, one more year in which the defenders of human rights and just causes have suffered harassment and threats to dissuade them from carrying on their struggle for justice; one more year in which the unjust, inhuman prison conditions that social activists in maximum and medium security prisons have not changed.

2007 was a year in which I peered into a window on the internet whenever I could, overcoming all kinds of barriers to find out as much as possible and, like many other people, keep up with what’s happening to you, always trusting that you’ll come through this government abuse with flying colors and, most of all, trusting that friends and people who love and struggle for justice will stand with you in solidarity.

I found out that Hector was transferred to the prison at Atlacholoaya, Morelos, and I’d like to believe that this means a little crevice is opening up where the light of justice can filter through, and that his transfer will be followed by that of Antonio, José Luis, Sergio, Jacobo, Ignacio, Felipe, and Hector Galindo ––all political prisoners and prisoners of conscience still held in the Altiplano maximum security prison, where they should never have been locked up in the first place because they’re not criminals––so that they can go free and get on with their lives.

My children, I hope that your most cherished dreams will come true this coming year and that, in spite of all the vicissitudes, that you will not lose heart and that the loving ties that bind us will be strengthened by the hard tests you’re being subjected to.
Emi, we send you our incommensurate, indestructible love and affection, my daughter; although it’s intangible, may it be transformed into armor that protects and strengthens you so that you can keep on with your life. Don’t be dismayed, my dear. Life is full of challenges and the most important thing is to strengthen ourselves to face them, although sometimes that’s really hard to do. But what am I telling you, Doctor, when you know better than I how to move on ahead! Here goes a giant hug and all our confidence in you.

Francisco and Ale, we send you a hug and our trust that you’ll keep on struggling for the freedom of Toño, Hector, and anyone else who’s unjustly imprisoned.
Hector, don’t be overly confident, son. Don’t let your guard down. Just because your new conditions aren’t so rigid as before doesn’t mean that they’re any less hazardous. We send you a big hug and all our affection.

Toño, we send you our affection and a hug, just as we do to your brothers and sister as this new year begins, which only bears another number because injustice and dire poverty still exist. I had a chance to read your and Hector’s letters, and for me they’re magic. They soothe my ills and cheer me up. Don’t stop writing whenever you can and are allowed to do so.

To all the members of the Comité Cerezo and all the generous people who stand by my children and help them, extending their solidarity in spite of the risks implied in the struggle for justice and freedom for all political prisoners and prisoners of conscience, I send you a big hug, my best wishes for this year, and my infinite gratitude.

Here goes a hug in solidarity with Carmen Aristegui, Lydia Cacho, Rosario Ibarra de Piedra, Mariana Villarreal, Gloria Muñoz, Leticia Tecla and her daughter, Judith Galarza, Doña Trini and América del Valle, Mariana Selvas, Magdalena García Durán, Margarita Irasema Villanueva Gallegos, Elvira Arellano, Yanahuit and Cristina Paredes Lachino, Nadine Reyes, Berta Maldonado, Irene Villavicencio, Nancy Mota, Melanie Salgado, and many more women whose names I can’t recall just now, who have given us a lesson in dignity and courage through their struggle for truth and against injustice.

I can’t fail to mention Mrs. Irma Sehwerert and the Cuban mothers, who are also struggling against the injustice committed in the United States of the imprisonment of their five sons. To all of you, I send a sisterly hug and my unconditional solidarity.

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