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Harassment at CEFERESO #1: Special watch and mail restrictions


Friday 27 October 2006, by Comité Cerezo México



As of October 20 of this year, Hector Cerezo Contreras has been under “observation.” On each shift, a guard passes by his cell and looks in every 15 minutes. On visiting day the guard on duty assigned to his module and hall went down to the family visiting area with him and stayed there about two meters away from the visiting room door, and when the visitor left the guard was still there.

Antonio Cerezo Contreras communicated with us on October 27 and told us that approximately three days ago a guard came to his cell asking why he wanted to commit suicide. Antonio told him that this was not true and asked him why he had questioned him about it. The guard left without saying anything more.

According to ex-prisoners of this CEFERESO, this kind of vigilance is only imposed on prisoners who are in danger of “committing suicide.” Accordingly, there is cause for concern and fear for the physical integrity of Héctor and Antonio Cerezo Contreras. We hold the following people responsible for their physical integrity: the Director of CEFERESO # 1, the Director of the Decentralized Body of Federal Prisons, the federal Minister of Public Safety, and the President of the Republic, Vicente Fox Quesada



On September 13, 10 pages of correspondence were deposited for Héctor Cerezo Contreras, imprisoned in the CEFERESO #1 "Altiplano," at Almoloya de Juárez. When the envelope was delivered to him, Hector asked the guard if he could receive it, given that two pages of a personal letter were written on a computer. The guard said no, that he would be punished. For this reason, he did not accept the envelope and received no mail.

On October 22, Hector Cerezo Contreras received a visit, and 9 pages of personal letters were deposited for him, four of which were written on computer.

Emiliana Cerezo Contreras, who visited him, asked in the Correspondence Unit if pages printed on a computer could be deposited and was told that yes, they could be deposited if and when they were personal letters. She also asked the social worker on duty the same thing, who replied that there was no problem as long as no drawings, printed articles, photocopies, newspaper clippings, books, or magazines were deposited.

It seems that the guard on duty decides whether or not to punish Héctor Cerezo Contreras for receiving letters printed on a computer, in spite of the fact that this contravenes the prison’s own rules, which are themselves unconstitutional.

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