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Mexican NGO Blames ’State Terrorism’ for Attack on 3 Activists

Lunes 9 de noviembre de 2015, por Comité Cerezo México

Three Mexican Indigenous human rights defenders were injured in an attack Saturday that has been condemned as an "attempted extrajudicial killing."

Three Mexican Indigenous human rights defenders were attacked in an assassination attempt in Mexico City that an NGO said was the government’s “state terrorism” response to the struggles for justice of campesino movements in southern Mexico, local media reported Sunday.

The gunman, described as a man in plain clothes sporting a military-style haircut and driving a black vehicle, shot at the three victims in Mexico City’s eastern Iztapalapa area as he shouted that the attack was in retaliation for them “running their mouths.” All three victims suffered bullet wounds in the attempt on their lives.

Two of the victims, Jesus Hernandez Reyes and Rubicel Hernandez Garcia, are human rights activists with the National Front for the Struggle for Socialism (FNLS), and the third victim, Matias Flores, is a Nahuatl Indigenous activist with the the Human Rights Committee of Huasteca and Eastern Sierra.

“Mexico City Human Rights Commission condemns attack on activists in Iztapalapa.”

Both organizations condemned that attack as an “attempted extrajudicial killing” and released an urgent action alert to call social movements to redouble their struggle against state repression to demand an end extrajudicial killings and other violence and crimes against social movements.

“We call on our fellow organizations to close ranks against the repression, the terrorism of the state,” wrote the FNLS in a statement on Saturday after the attack. “We will not allow more bloodshed of the common people. We ask for solidarity to speak out against these state crimes in order to stop the state crackdown against the FNLS and the whole popular movement.”

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