Activists shot in Mexico City, human rights group says

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Mexico City – Three human rights activists were shot while walking in Mexico City and underwent surgery, officials and members of the ComitéCerezo Mexico said.

Matias Flores, a Nahuatl Indian who belongs to the CODHHSO human rights group, Jesus Hernández Reyes and Rubicel Hernández García, both members of the National Front for the Struggle for Socialism, or FNLS, were shot around 7:20 a.m. on Saturday by a gunman who accused them of spreading gossip, Héctor Cerezo told EFE by telephone from the hospital.

The Federal District Attorney’s Office confirmed the shooting in a statement.

Videos from security cameras have been reviewed and «police officers determined that shots were fired from a vehicle at three people, and assistance was requested from emergency services personnel, who transported them to a public hospital for medical treatment,» the DA’s office said.

The activists are from Michoacán and Hidalgo states, and they were in Mexico City to file complaints with human rights groups and Amnesty International about abuses suffered by Indians in their areas, eyewitnesses said.

The activists had been in the capital for several days, taking part in activities organized by a committee to denounce the killing of Héctor Santiz López in Chiapas state on Sept. 29, Cerezo said.

The shooting occurred in the Mexico City borough of Iztapalapa as the activists were walking to a bus station.

The three men were taken to General Balbuena Hospital.

Two of the activists are listed in serious condition with gunshots in the chest and stomach, while the third sustained a less serious wound, Cerezo said.

The shooting is under investigation, the Federal District Human Rights Commission said in a Twitter post.

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