Evento realizado en Vancouver, Canadá por los 7 años de injusta prisión

, por  Comité Cerezo México , popularidad : 1%

Thursday, August 14, 7:00

Join us for a screening of the documentary “Seguir Siendo,” and for a discussion of the ongoing work of the Comité Cerezo on behalf of Mexican political prisoners.

Co-presented by the Comité Cerezo Mexico, La Surda Latin American Collective, and Building Bridges.

The Comite Cerezo is an organization dedicated to the defence of Human
Rights, which was established due to the detention (August 13, 2001),
torture and imprisonment of the brothers Alejandro, Hector and Antonio
Cerezo Contreras and their co-accused Pablo Alvarado Flores and Sergio
Galicia Max. After seven years of unjust and illegal imprisonment, their
individual and collective struggle to recuperate their freedom and that of
all the political prisoners and prisoners of conscience in Mexico

"A struggle against human rights violations in general based on a critical
view of the world aimed at transforming relationships of exploitation,
oppression, and discrimination suffered by the Mexican society into
relationships of solidarity, equality, and freedom."

Hector and Antonio Cerezo Atlacholoaya Prison, Morelos.


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